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is: music from Hellas to Dallas, from Persia to Portugal, from Mikis to Mozart, from tango to flamenco. And that sounds like


Kamal Mazlumi (santur, violin, dombakh, guitare) and Gerhard Klingenstein (guitar, vocals) will send you on a musical journey through the sunny countries of the Mediterranean. You will be simply swept away by the billows of this spirited music.


has performed throughout Germany and in foreign countries (France, Italy, Luxembourg, England, Netherland). Has been an international group for some years. Recordings with all television and radio stations.


plays at all kinds of events, from open-air (music festivals, street festivals etc.) to every kind of indoor occasion (concerts, conventions, industrial fairs). Guest musicians (bass and drums) join the duo for larger events.


will provide its own P.A. (1500 watts) if desired, including a technician. Stage: 5 x 4 m, light: white stage light ca. 12 x 1 kw.


can be heard on their demo tape and seen on their video. Santur|guitar.duo can only be felt live!


santur|guitar.duo lets it rip - so wrote the critics in unison. Both Gerhard Klingenstein and the Iranian Kamal Mazlumi seize every opportunity to introduce musically the energy and joyful vitality of different sorts of people from all over the world. Music from Hellas to Dallas, from tango to flamenco, from Persia to Portugal or from Wolfgang Amadeus to Mikis Theodorakis.

santur|guitar.duo is music from everywhere! The combination of the ancient Persian santur with the guitar produces a novel , original sound. The various elements - exotic, classical, jazzy - shine through in this combination of sounds. Santur|guitar.duo is more than just folk-music. The two members of " Santur|guitar.duo" want to make music for everyone, music which is far removed from nationalistic or even ideological overtones. It is their wish "to show the way of unity in variety". The combination of instruments is in itself intriguing. The guitar as classical instrument has an extremely exotic association with the ancient Persian santur. Two completely different cultures encounter each other. 100 strings as opposed to six. 3000 years of history as opposed to a few hundred.

so wrote the press

"Santur|guitar.duo lets it rip, fills with enthusiasm, invites listeners to a musical journey to the Mediterranean, to a trip around the world, fascinates, joins West with East, unconventional of sound, alot of feeling for music of foreign cultures."

"Music from everywhere delights."

"After Santur|guitar.duo shone yet again with a tango and authentic gypsy music, the sparklers were lit on the open-air stage."

" Santur|guitar.duo captured the audience with energy and southern sounds."

" Santur|guitar.duo at the International Guitar Congress: virtuosity in a classical setting."

"Musical bridge to foreign cultures."

"The Persian: a bundle of vitality and vehemence."

"The audience was so enthusiastic about the performance of the virtuosos that it demanded encores over and over again, and showed its appreciation with shouts of admiration and joy."

booking & management:

Schinkelstr. 15
D-45883 Gelsenkirchen 0049-209-492210

Phone: 0049-209-492210
Fax: 0049-209-467935
Mobil: +49/172 260 3877
Skype: santurguitarduo
e-mail: info (a)

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